What The Newsghost is in a nutshell

Revolutionary news for you

The Newsghost is an online news platform driven by staff and user content. It is built on a vision to make news more transparent and inclusive – bringing a revolution to the news industry.

We publish 100% original news daily from an elite remote news team and a network of connected users around the world. You can follow our headlines from anywhere on your PC or mobile device. We feature articles, deals, adverts and more.

The force behind the revolution

We have an elite news team and a network of connected users around the world who share what is happening near them, and we back all with world class content production support to make the force stronger as we march on with the revolution.

Reward for workdone

No work will go unrewarded. We pay our elite news team a token along with some benefits and reward users who publish what is happening near them with some cash. Users who only follow news will not be left out, we open lucky freebies to all users from time to time.

The rising: How it started

From interests and experiments in entrepreneurship, innovation and internet technology, The Newsghost was founded in the home of founder Ahmed A. Hassan in 2014. It is a solely owned property and has a dynamic revenue, with its income made from advertising, selling, ghostwriting, other brand products and licenses.

Advertise. Sell. Hire a ghostwriter.

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