THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – I have been hearing criticisms of President Buhari’s return speech. Those from the left and the right, those of the center and several other points between both extremes. On Monday (August 21, 2017), two days after he returned, President Buhari addressed Nigerians in a televised speech.Read More →

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Last week, a ritualist cum kidnapper’s den was found in Lagos, at Ojokoro, along Lagos-Abeokuta expressway. The news reports said the den was uncovered after a street sweeper heard a woman crying out for help while on duty. According to report, the sweeper raised alarm andRead More →

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – A radical change is going on in the music industry globally. The industry has become decentralised. Technology is reshaping and shifting the norms. The barriers to entering the industry is now lower than ever before, plus the ease of recording and getting heard is ridiculously higher.Read More →

THE NEWSGHOST, US – Given the growing debate on the ban of abortion and contraception, these are some of the facts worth considering: FACT: Abortion lowered the crime rate significantly since states began its legalization in the 70s. This is due to the overall reductive effect abortion has on unwantedRead More →