Frequently Asked Questions


How do I follow the latest news?
The latest news posts always take the topmost position on our site homepage or headlines page. You can get the latest news headlines in your email too. Subscribe to get latest updates in email to have news headlines delivered to your email everyday as we publish them here.

Can I publish news?
Why not? The Newsghost is built on a vision to make news more transparent and inclusive. The goal is to get people to publish their own part of the news and getting that done often means that they have to publish what is happening near them or add their voice to an on-going narrative. Subscribe to publish what is happening you and get paid. Click here to subscribe

Do I get paid for publishing news?
Yes. Sure. We reward every work done. Our elite remote news team earn a token along with some benefits and our network of users who publish what is happening near them are rewarded with cash.

Who owns the content I publish?
We own all content published by our elite remote news team. But all content published by users remain their property. So, if you are a user, you own the content you publish and we will credit them all to you.

Can I publish content owned by someone else?
We encourage that you publish content that is freshly created by you to increase the overall originality of the content on the site. But if you have to publish content from someone else or use an excerpt from a publication, make sure you include details of the source you are picking the content from.

Can I sell services or products on The Newsghost?
We list service and product deals. If you wish to place services and products at attractive price deals that people might find interesting, let us know. We will list your service or product along with the price deal you are offering, then close deals with interested customers and collaborate with you to ensure that customers get services and products they want with a smile of satisfaction. Click here to sell

Can I invest in The Newsghost?
Of course, at the moment, you can do that. We started off bootstrapping on proprietary capital, no investor equity or lender debt in our finances so far. But we are now open to investors.

We are interested in talking to investors who would like to invest in a franchise of The Newsghost. Talk to our team now.

I am not interested in investing, but will like to support or sponsor The Newsghost. Is that possible?
Yes. If you do not want to be an investor, but would like to support or sponsor The Newsghost, click here.