This Friday on #TheConverse: Stories of the underrepresented with Khadija Ahmed

This Friday, February 17, 2017, we are hosting editor of new digital magazine AnotherLenz Khadija Ahmed on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse.

Khadija Ahmed is a UK-based journalism graduate and founder of new online magazine AnotherLenz which covers unpopular opinion, underrepresented stories and unique experiences. Khadija likes to write about gender, identity, culture and religion. She lives and works in London.

In this 90-minute tweet-chat interview with Khadija, we will be discussing ‘stories of the underrepresented’ around the world, people whose voices are not heard and whose rights are poorly recognised due to certain forces and factors in society.

Our founder/editor-in-chief Ahmed Hassan will moderate the discussion.

Join us at 8pm (WAT). Contribute to the discussion and follow the updates with the hashtag #TheConverse on Twitter.

Follow Khadijah Ahmed with the handle @ksahmedd and Ahmed Hassan with @ahMedigm_ on Twitter.

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