After America’s 2016 election trumped


What has become clear, after America’s 2016 election, is that the majority are incapable of making logical decisions and therefore rendering the concept of democracy futile.

All across the board we have people voting with emotions not logic, fear instead of reason, identity politics instead of policy and morality. Popularity instead of conscience. Herd mentality instead of individual assessment.

So who can you blame for this outcome?

The system itself of course. But also know that people all across the board on all sides are to blame, for I have seen the regressive behaviors with my own eyes.

Democracy becomes rather pointless when the masses tasked with election are uneducated. Democracy fails when it is representative instead of direct because the representatives fall to bribery. Democracy is an illusion when the masses are manipulated to vote for a party by the popular media and corporate brainwashing tactics.

Our system, our culture and our people are very broken and it will not be fixed any time soon.

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