Bloggers: Discover the proper way to monetise your blog

The idea of blogging to make income is very attractive. But these days, many people take to it with the hope of making money only to realise that generating money through blogging is not as easy as they expected.

Although, a bit of work is required, but the real problem is that they miss the real trick to monetising their blog. So, it appears harder.

If you would like to discover the proper way to monetise your blog, then keep reading.

How do you monetise a blog?


There are a host of ways to monetise a blog. But the popular choice among many bloggers is advertising, the most common of which is indirect advertising where adverts are published from a third party advert server which the blogger subscribes to or partners with. Examples are AdSense, Infolinks, etc.

But the bitter truth is: advertising, especially indirect advertising is the harder way.

If your blog is not read by a large audience daily or monthly, it is going to take ages for you to make big money from ad servers or direct advertisers. Advertising rates are largely dependent on coverage and reach.

Offering your services/products

Apart from advertising, you could offer your services or products on your blog. This is not as hard as advertising and you do not need a large audience to read your blog to make big money with this alternative.

As a blogger, you probably have a niche where you cover because of your interest or knowledge or skill. These could form the basis of your service or product. All you just have to do is think up a way that people may be willing to use your interest or knowledge or skills, or ask people how they may wish to use them.

When you figure this out, you can bundle up a service or a product that people would be willing to pay for and your rates would not depend on the size of your blog audience, rather it would depend on the value bundled in your service or product.

This makes you better income and is strategic to your personal development. While you are offering services or products, you are indirectly building your career and business.

A proper way to monetise your blog

A double-edged sword can inflict more damage than a single-edged one we would all agree. Even though it is harder to make big money from your blog through advertising, you can make even more income by doing advertising and offering your services or products on your blog at the same time.

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