Boystoner: Heats up love on new trap single My Side

In the new trap song My Side, the young Nigerian singer Boystoner and singer/producer Jesse Alordiah get creative expressing love.

The song majorly features the voice of Boystoner, while Jesse Alordiah’s voice appears briefly in the hook of the first and second chorus.

The entire stretch of the 3-minute, 20-second song intensely talks about love for an anonymous lady. The lyrics of the chorus reads:

‘Be by my side
Baby, be by my side
Be by my side
You could be by my side
Wherever we go
You could be by my side
Iwo ni mofe
You could be by my side’

These lyrics are quite provocative and reassuring.

I made a friend listen to the song and rate how enjoyable it feels on a scale of 1-10. It was rated 8.

The song was released yesterday, February 14, 2017. It has been placed online for free download and listening on sites like NotJustOk, VLinkRadio and SoundCloud.

On NotJustOk alone, the song currently has 325 downloads.

Boystoner’s real name is Moyo Falola and he is going to be 19 in a few months.

You can follow Boystoner on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @Boystoner_Music for more updates.

Download from NotJustOk and listen now. Click here to download.

Download from VLinkRadio and listen now. Click here to download.

Listen on SoundCloud now. Click here to listen.

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