Boystoner: Supercharged in new trap single Binu

Fast-rising young Nigerian singer Boystoner, real name Moyo Falola, adds one more stunning trap single to his recording portfolio today, June 9.

In the new trap single Binu, featuring Trippy D, Boystoner is supercharged and traps on high energy.

He kicks it off with a metaphoric line woven around ‘mari j’. Then progresses on with the finesse and the characteristic vulgarity of a perfect trap song. Somewhere in between he says:

Ta lo sope won le ri mi mu?
Say, mo ti binu o o.

These are mostly Yoruba words and the whole statement translates in English to:

Who says they can catch me?
Say, I am vexed oh oh.

Trippy D takes over from Boystoner after the first verse and chorus to level up the energy of the song and infuse some hardcore trap rap. His use of the trap lingo ‘bando’ adds a lot of credibility to the trap.

Bando is an American-English slang for an abandoned house in the ghetto. It is also called a ‘traphouse’.

You can follow Boystoner on Twitter and Instagram with the handle @Boystoner_music for more updates.

Download or listen to Binu on NotJustOk now. Click here to download or listen.

Listen to Binu on SoundCloud now. Click here to listen.

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