British-Nigerian boxer Joshua knocksout Ukraine’s Klitschko


Yesterday night, British-Nigerian boxer Anthony Joshua knocked out Ukraine’s Wladimir Klitschko to add the World Boxing Association (WBA) heavyweight champion belt to his International Boxing Federation (IBF) heavyweight champion crown.

According to report, the fight held at the Wembley Stadium in Wembley, London. Joshua entered the ring for the epic fight and emerged victorious before a crowd of 90,000 boxing lovers.

The fifth round peaked when 27-year old Joshua knocked down 41-year old Klitschko to the canvas.

In the sixth round, with a long right hand through the middle from Klitschko, Joshua hit the canvas for the first time in his four-year heavyweight career.

In the eleventh round, Klitscho was knocked down again to the canvas before Joshua’s final strike knocked him out. And that was it, Joshua had won his 19th fight in a row, unbeaten; leaving his career record at 19 fights and 19 wins.

Celebrating his victory, Joshua took to the microphone to share some words. He said:

‘What can I say?

‘First and foremost, if you don’t take part you’re going to fail so I want to give a massive shout out to my trainers in Finchley, to the 90,000 people in here, and lastly as boxing states, you leave your ego at the door and a shout out to Wlad Klitschko for taking part. I’m not gonna say too much, in case he wants a rematch, but in terms of the boxing hall of fame, he’s a role model in and out of the ring.’

He also added that:

‘Boxing is about character, as I said from the get go it will be a boxing classic, find what you believe in and give it a go. It is what it is, I came out and I won. I came back and fought my heart out. And Tyson Fury, where you at baby? I love fighting. ­Tyson Fury, I know he’s been talking. I want to fight everyone, all the challenges.’

The fight reportedly recorded Britain’s largest boxing attendance since the Len Harvey versus Jock McAvoy bout at London’s White City in 1939.

Joshua’s victory has gained strong attention in 140 countries over the last 72 hours.

According to report, Joshua was born to a Nigerian mother and a British father with Nigerian and Irish descent.

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