Buhari to return to London to continue medical vacation


After returning to Nigeria on Friday, March 10, 2017, from a 51-day vacation in London during which he had routine medical checkups, President Muhammadu Buhari is to return to London again in three weeks, according to a new report.

International journalists say this is a clear indication that President Buhari’s return was ‘premature and motivated by politcal pressure from some of his closest associates’.

The report gathered suggests that members of Buhari’s medical team in the UK had advised against his return to Nigeria this time. It also explains that members of Buhari’s political party who fear that their influence was about to slip away had pressured the frail and still ill president to return to Nigeria in order to quell rumours that he was too ill to continue in office.

Journalists claim that some undisclosed sources had always maintained that Mr. Buhari’s doctors in the UK advised him to spend as much as four months in order to undergo the full regimen of treatment for his health crises. According to the sources, Buhari’s health problem include s a prostrate condition as well as Crohn’s disease that had wreaked havoc on his appetite, leading to consistent weight loss.

The president tried to describe the degree of his illness, saying he had never been this sick his entire life and disclosing that he had blood transfusion.

Shortly after arriving at Aso Rock on Friday, Buhari retired to his residence and asked Vice President Osinbajo to continue acting as president while he continues resting and recovering.

In his arrival speech to Nigerians, Buhari expressed his gratitude in a shaky voice to all Nigerians, including Christians and Muslims, who have prayed and continued to pray for his quick recovery. He says the best way to repay their good wishes was to rededicate himself to serving them, protecting their interest and keeping their trust.

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