Business owners protest scanty power supply in Lagos

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – A recent report has revealed that business owners in Lagos stormed the premises of Eko Electricity Distribution Company (EKEDC) in Marina yesterday, Wednesday, July 18, 2018, to protest against the scanty power supply from the company.

The business owners, under the umbrella of Association of Shop Owners, Sura Complex, Lagos Island, made it clear that they intend to start sourcing electric power from an independent power project and will no longer do business with EKEDC.

Led by the chairman of the association, Mrs Bunmi Ann AJayi, the protesters lamented that because of the poor power supply from EKEDC, almost all the shops in the shopping complex have become empty as many business owners have left the complex due to collapse of their business.

While speaking with journalists at the scene, Mrs Ajayi said that EKEDC lacked efficient customer service and is more interested in forcing shop owners to pay ‘outrageous’ electricity bills or be disconnected.

She said:

‘We came to protest to Eko Disco. We are small business people and electricity supply is so crucial to our businesses.

‘In Sura Business Complex, we have over 1,000 shops but, if you come to the business complex now, the complex is half-occupied because people have been leaving as there is no power to do business.

‘It is a multi-purpose business community where you have printers, where you have people in production and service industry so we have people who need constant and regular power supply.

‘We realise that in Eko Disco, there is actually nothing like customer service.

‘The only thing we get from Eko Disco is pay your bill, if you have outstanding, you have to pay or you are disconnected, that is the only conversation we have with Eko Disco in terms of explaining to them that how come we have two or three hours of power supply or some days we don’t have power supply at all.

‘There is actually no solution to that.’

The Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of Eko Electricity Distribution Plc, Adeoye Fadeyi, who addressed the protesters, said the issues at stake which led to the disconnection of customers could be resolved through dialogue. He promised that the shopping complex would be immediately reconnected and the company would find time to resolve other issues at stake.

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