A retailer buys traditionally from wholesaler and sell to final consumers. It is trite to say that the informal sector dominated by retailers contribute no less than 45% of Nigeria’s GDP anually, in the past two years. Corner shop mallams, kiosk owners and the petty traders at the local marketRead More →

One of our most powerful gifts as humans is the ability to be stimulated or inspired to do something. We can be stimulated to take action, make decision or feel emotion. And this can be really helpful when we are out of tune with life or lacking the positive pushRead More →

Virtual currency is the money of the future and Nigerians are increasingly embracing the digital money lifestyle. Something which started out with a reluctant and slow adoption is gradually gaining strong demand. Although, Nigeria’s government had threatened to issue sanctions against banks that process or got involved in Bitcoin, OneCoinRead More →

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude. ~ William James Of this be sure: You do not find a happy life, you make it. ~ Thomas Monson Happiness is a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction that people like toRead More →

It used to be so hard to get a loan in Nigeria. This was something that made life difficult for unemployed persons, low-income earners and small businesses. But the story seems to be changing today. There are now new financial solutions that make it possible for people and businesses toRead More →

Why stay unemployed when you can become self-employed? Instead of wallowing in misery and letting the weight of unemployment crush you, you can become self-employed and start to earn meaningful income. A lot of unemployed people I have met are afraid of self-employment. But they are not afraid of burningRead More →