Character content and life in Nigeria

Character content and life in Nigeria


Somehow, a society often reflects the character and culture of its people. The same way it is for groups and organisations. The internal factors and components shape how the larger whole looks and behaves or operates.

According to the book Science for All Americans, a Project 2061 publication by the American Association for the Advancement of Science, ‘Societies, like species, evolve in directions that are opened or constrained in part by internal forces such as technological developments and political traditions.’

Based on this principle, one can find and observe a link between life in Nigeria and the character of the people. If that link exists, it means that the social conditions and day-to-day living that anyone can enjoy in Nigeria are affected by the different kinds of characters expressed by Nigerians.

Characters are formed from society too. Naturally, the people we see today in society were born by parents and raised from homes within society itself. Every person is very much a product of the society he or she is born into and raised within.

This is enough reason to believe that character cannot be taken for granted in the development and preservation of the quality of life in Nigeria. It is also proof that the characters of Nigerians over the past years are responsible for the characters of Nigerians and the life in Nigeria in present day.

As explained in Science for All Americans, ‘The conditions of one generation limit and shape the range of possibilities open to the next.’

If Nigeria is going to have better generations in the future, the present generation of Nigerians must be of good character.

Before arguments on government policies, religion and ethnicity, every Nigerian must look inward and assess their character. It is important to take account of the content of their character first of all.

Elements of character common among Nigerians, like prejudice, betrayal, greed, envy, deceit, pettiness, among many others, have gone a long way in creating an unpleasant life in Nigeria. All these are seen affecting the the quality of homes, neighbourhoods, businesses and public offices.

If Nigerians take a bold step towards building and improving on their character today, life in Nigeria would start to improve.

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