Coronavirus aid: A blessing or a curse?

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Handling the current pandemic has proved tasking for governments and health associations across the globe.

The unprecedented disease has spread like wildfire, since late last year, from its origins in central China to Asia as a whole and nearly every other continent.

In light of these challenges, China, in what might be considered an attempt at retribution, has played a large part in the supply of coping materials around the world.

Known as one of the world’s most prominent manufacturers, the world power was the best prepared to handle the production and distribution of medical equipment. However, this venture has not been without forks in the road.

From defective masks in the Netherlands to malfunctioning test kits in Spain, complaints about faulty imports from China during this fight against coronavirus have become so rampant that certain nations have altogether refused products originating from there.

The most recent instance of China extending a helping hand happened here in Nigeria at the end of last month when Chinese billionaire Jack Ma, founder of Chinese e-commerce platform Alibaba, donated thousands of pieces of protective gear to Nigeria’s government.

Of course, skepticism is also growing among Nigerians regarding the fidelity of the supplies received from China so far.

Around the world, rumours now abound of everything – from these sales being deliberate efforts to capitalise on the needs of desperate buyer nations to political motivations being behind China’s taking of supply order while being aware of their inability to handle them.

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