Coronavirus update: Nigeria confirms eighteen new cases of the virus

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Yesterday, Nigeria recorded eighteen (18) new cases of the dreaded coronavirus (COVID-19), putting the total confirmed cases at two hundred and thirty-two (232).

According to the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control (NCDC), eleven (11) of the new cases were confirmed in Lagos, while four (4) were in Abuja, two (2) in Edo and one (1) in Kaduna.

All the newly infected persons are said to have exhibited mild to moderate symptoms and are currently receiving care.

So far, thirty-three (33) cases have been discharged and five (5) deaths have been recorded in the country. Lagos discharged thirty (30) cases and recorded one (1) death. Ogun discharged two (2) cases and recorded no death, while Ekiti discharged one (1) case and recorded no death.

The rest of the death cases were recorded in Abuja, which had three (3), and Edo, which had one (1).

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