E2-O: The new hybrid solar generator made by a Nigerian

Back in 2009, about 1.5 billion people in the world were said to have no access to electricity. That was about a quarter of the world’s population at the time. Today, about the same fraction of the world’s population is still caught in this dilemma.

To mitigate this problem of electricity, the world has resorted to renewable energy sources, like solar energy. In Nigeria, for example, people have settled for solar powered inverters.

Truly, such solar powered inverters have been able to provide electricity for some of the people who have had little or no access to electricity, but the systems are quite too expensive for the common man to afford. So, the challenge now is that these systems are not accessible to most of the people who need them because of the cost requirement.

This challenge is however what a new company co-owned by a Nigerian is trying to find a solution to and it has designed a hybrid solar/water generator with which it hopes to solve this problem.

The company is named Orukpa and it was founded by a Nigerian named Joachim Joe Obeto.

Obeto and his colleagues at Orukpa have designed a hybrid solar generator named E2-O Generator.

According to the information on the company website, the E2-O Generator is a multiple output generator. It has the capability to generate electricity, heat and water.

It generates electricity by concentrating solar light on photovoltaic cells to generate heat which is processed into electricity by thermoelectric radiator plates.

By reversing the polarity of thermoelectric modules, the generator also produces heat which is extracted by heat exchangers and stored or made available for heating.

The E2-O Generator can also harvest water and dew using the large radiator plates at the back of the dish along with a metal assembly.

The generator is a patent-pending technology. The designers of the system says it is not enough to create an efficient solar power system, it must also be affordable.

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