Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visits Nigeria

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg visits Nigeria


Mark Zuckerberg, founder of the social network Facebook, is now in Lagos, Nigeria, according to report.

Zuckerberg is on his first-ever visit to Nigeria and sub-saharan Africa.

This visit is seen as a move to ‘add new friends in Africa’.

The Facebook founder was at Yaba to meet businesses and developers to understand how Facebook could ‘better support tech development and entrepreneurship across Africa’, according to a statement from Facebook company.

Zuckerberg shows growing interest in supporting and developing Africa. He launched a controversial initiative called Free Basics which gives free internet access to smartphone users in under-served countries. This initiative runs in more than 20 African countries. It runs in Zambia and Tanzania, among others, and it recently launched in Nigeria. This year, in June, Zuckerberg’s foundation The Chan Zuckerberg Initiative made a multi-million dollar investment in Andela, a two-year old startup that trains African software developers and gets them hired by intertnational companies.

Zuckerberg also visited Andela’s headquarters office in Lagos.

Andela’s director Seni Sulyman said he was thrilled to welcome Zuckerberg. He wrote in a statement that, ‘Mark’s visit demonstrates to all Nigerian developers and entrepreneurs that they’ve caught the attention of the tech world, and they are capable of succeeding on a truly global level.’

Zuckerberg told international journalists that, ‘There’s so much energy and so much potential here. I just want to walk around and meet folks.’

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