Four sacred secrets of entrepreneurship success


Growing up as a child, I intuitively picked up creative talents. I would draw my favorite cartoon and comic characters. Aladin and his flying carpet with his little monkey friend, the entire Power Rangers line up, the cunning Bugs Bunny and so on. Later, I started to write poetry too.

How easily I started doing all these without any intensive structured learning, like those at schools of art and literature, somehow made me to start to think that every kind of work in life is so easy to get into.

I expected it to be easy getting into entrepreneurship.

Unfortunately, entrepreneurship was quite more challenging. Especially with the level and speed of development of the 21st century. The 2nd millennium.

Entrepreneurship is not an easy thing.

But here are some sacred secrets that I found out are necessary for success. [I say sacred because I find something divine in their nature]:

An entrepreneur would need to be constantly conscious of the business and continuously work toward the business vision. There is need to remain in business from idea to development. There must not be weariness, tiredness or retreat. No giving up, no going back.

Focus is the quality of keeping to the course of business without interruption.

Continuous learning
Newbies and longtimers must be ready to learn on an on-going basis. Every input to business would have a result and changes in life would tell on business too. An entrepreneur must be able to keep up with results of inputs to business and effects of changes in life, and understand how they affect business.

This requires an active search for knowledge about the business you are into and life in the environment where the business is operating.

Results of inputs to business and effects of changes in life would bring new situations and challenges to business. An entrepreneur must be able to manage inputs to business to get better results and adjust designs of business to adapt to those changes.

It is improvement that brings growth after successive operations of business. Every aspect of business has to improve for growth to happen. Work, performance and income have to improve.

Intelligence is the skill that an entrepreneur would require to make suitable decisions for the business under any given condition of business and life.

Intelligent entrepreneurs are able to understand results of inputs to business and effects of changes in life well enough to match them from time to time to decisions that would lead to the success of their business.

Intelligence could help an entrepreneur find new ways of thinking and doing business, especially when results that inputs generate are not favourable enough or effects that changes cause are too unpleasant.

Focus, continuous learning, improvement and intelligence are concepts that are important in nearly every aspect of our daily life too. They are almost applicable in every thing we do that they should be classified as divine and sacred.

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