How to cut down trolls and haters on social media

Social media platforms overtime have served as online communication channels for sharing contents, ideas, concepts views and opinions with different people across the world and online communities for connecting with people. If used properly, social media serves a good purpose. It is a great avenue to start interesting discussions and meet amazing people. But it is also an online haven for haters and trolls.

Haters here mean those who do not like your opinions or comments because they disagree, while trolls are those who enjoy making you feel bad once they are online.

On social networking platforms such as: Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, Twitter, YouTube, Snapchat, Nairaland and several other online communities, there are people whose main objective is to make fun of others or show them strong hatred, even though they have never met physically before.

Our discussion here will focus on how to cut down trolls and haters on social media platforms. Here are a few ideas to get started with:

Find out all hate mentions

Haters on social media might just be full of deep sadness or highly bored, and you do not want their energy rubbing off on you. Before taking any action, it is important to know if they hate on you more often than reasonable or it was just your opinion that did not go well with them.

Hate comments come from the heart of whoever is typing it. On social media, it is advisable to know those who hate anything about your existence and take the best option of ignoring them by blocking them or seeing them as insignificant. This would send their hatred back to them.

Give them attention

Maintain calmness and try not to sound pained or insulted by trolls when they show you hate on your social media platforms. If you need to reply them at all, make sure it gets to them where it hurts and you are the one smiling at what you are saying to them, not the other way round. A mature clapback laced with facts is good in such a situation, as this would get them really embarrassed and force them to stay away from you.

By giving trolls and haters attention on social media, I mean you should give them the gift of silence or a well-deserved clapback backed by facts to let them understand that you own your social media space and emotions and not them. Give them no control whatsoever. This would make their impact less effective.


Accept your faults when you have done wrong and brought the trolls and haters upon yourself. The more you fail to apologise, the more they attack and criticize you. To avoid online wars on your social media platforms, when you wrong someone, sincerely apologize and do better.

You must be willing and quick to admit your mistakes. Once you realise you are wrong, apologise and move on in a better way. Give no opportunity for trolls to keep you feeling bad for a wrong you did not do intentionally and have corrected. After apologizing, thank the person you wronged for forgiving and believing in you, and do more good to ward off any reprisal attacks.

Stay positive

Who says you cannot get trolls to like you? Believe it, you can make trolls who hate on you get to like you and stop their attacks on you by giving inspiring words or good humour to make them behave better on social media. You can let them understand that life exists outside social media platforms and there are better ways they can make their life more meaningful and hate-free.

Always remember that social media connects you not just to haters and trolls, but to friends and family, so it is best you manage your reputation on all social media platforms to avoid creating wrong impressions in the minds of your social media connections.

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