Hurricane Irma: Record-breaking storm still raging

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Hurricane Irma, a storm which started as a cluster of clouds over Africa, according to report, degenerated into a ‘category 5’ storm as it drifted over the warmer waters of the Atlantic ocean last week and it is still raging.

Early on Wednesday, September 6, 2017, the center (the eye) of the storm reportedly swept past the Carribean Island of Barbuda with winds of 185mph (297.7kph), then it hit the French islands of St Martin and St Barthelemy, leaving a trail of devastation.

Later on Wednesday, Irma goes on to hit parts of Puerto Rico, where it left tree limbs scattered across the roads.

The storm sustained winds of 185mph (297.7kph) for more than 24 hours (37 hours), making it the only storm to sustain this speed for that long since the 1970s.

Irma also whirled through the Dominican Republic, Haiti and Cuba before heading towards Florida.

When the center of the storm made landfall in Cuba late Friday it maintained winds of 160mph (257.5kph).

The deadly storm made landfall on Cudjoe Key along the Florida Keys on Sunday with winds of 130mph (209.2kph) and headed towards the west coast of the state.

Early on Monday, September 11, Irma weakened to a category 1 storm as it continued to move to central Florida with winds of 85mph (136.8kph), the National Hurricane Center confirmed.

The storm has damaged several properties and reduced cities to rubbles, while killing and injuring an increasing number of people.

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