Ice Prince: My duty is to create music

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Panshak Zamani, popularly known as Ice Prince, the Oleku crooner, has once being one of the baddest rappers in the Nigerian music industry with the release of hit singles like Oleku and Aboki which recorded massive success for him.

A recent report says, for some time now, it seems the rapper has lost his magic that once charmed the music industry.

According to the report, few days ago, one fan on Twitter tweeted, ‘Olamide will soon become an up-and-coming artiste like Ice Prince.’ Olamide reacted to the tweet with some unprintable words, while Ice Prince did not respond to the tweet.

In a chat with entertainment journalists, he explained that his duty is to create music, while God has the final say on whether it will be an hit song or not.

He told the journalists:

‘My duty is to create music, but how far the music goes is not for me to decide. God did what He did for Ice Prince and He did what He did for the Nigerian music industry. Music evolves and if God blesses an artiste to make a song that has a huge impact, such a person shouldn’t claim he is responsible for the glory. It is God, not the artiste.

‘I don’t know if you will ask 2Baba when he will release another African Queen or you will ask 9ice when he will make another Gongo Aso. Will you ask Olu Maintain when he is dropping another Yahooze. I made Oleku, and I have also done other great songs.’

The rapper said that Oleku was the hit song that brought him to limelight in the music industry. He said before the release of Oleku, he had won the Hennessy Artistry Competition in 2009 and he was already doing good.

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