Is there ever a perfect time to start entrepreneurship?

Is there ever a perfect time to start entrepreneurship?


Starting entrepreneurship, starting a new business, is not easy. It is never going to be. Nothing in life is easy, especially new things.

Finding space for the new, while the old is still in place can be overwhelming. Getting people to easily agree with it and open their arms to warmly welcome it is a challenge, first of all. Then building it in reality and making it work under existing conditions is a tough task on its own.

A great part of the world generally believes that to go into entrepreneurship and start a new business, certain level of experience, money and time are required. And, in reality, these things – experience, money and time – are not always readily available to many people at the early stage of life in the quantity required. Many times, they are never available in that quantity for the rest of life.

So, going by what majority of the world believes, you may never find the right time to start.

As Rebecca Liebman, cofounder of fintech startup LearnLux, writes, ‘If you wait until you’re ready, you’ll be waiting for the rest of your life.’

Why wait for the rest of your life?

As far as I know, there are no laws regarding age, wealth or status that say who can start a business or not. But age, wealth and status may limit how further you can go alone with some aspects of your business. And where such restrictions may exist there are ways out, ways to remedy things and still go ahead regardless. Legal ways (not illegal ones), like entering partnership with someone of age, someone with wealth, etc. So there is really nothing stopping you.

Entrepreneurs like Liebman did not wait, even though the people around her gave her the same advices too. And she did not have all that was required either.

‘Early on in starting my company, people advised me that I should have more experience, more time and more money. I didn’t.

‘When I started my company, LearnLux, I had no money, no time, no experience, had never worked in finance, and to top it off was entering one of the oldest, most conservative, male-dominated industries as a young woman. I had never been so compelled to do anything in my life,’ she explains.

She adds that, ‘When I started my company, I wasn’t old enough to be in a bar. I was in college….’

Well, that may not shock you enough as something else Liebman revealed.

She points out that, ‘The company a couple floors down from our office raised $50 million dollars, had two hundred employees and still shut down.’

Shocking, right?

These scenarios from Liebman’s experience only help to lay things bare and make us see what is truly important and what is not, when it is right to start off your business and when it is not.

So, is there ever a perfect time to start your entrepreneurship journey?

I leave the answer to Liebman:

‘There will never be a perfect time.’

Get started now.

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