It is March 8, and the question of the day is: When is International Men’s Day?


Today is March 8 and it is International Women’s Day, the UN Day dedicated to proclaiming women’s right. Although the earliest organised Women’s Day observance in America was on February 28, 1909. But in 1977, thd United Nations General Assembly invited member nations to proclaim March 8 as International Women’s Day.

Every year, a large number of people march or speak in support of women who are victims of various social issues. The World Economic Forum believes that the pay gap which sees men earn more than women would not close until 2186 and statistics show that women are worse of than men in terms of education and health.

It is ironic though that every year on this day, there is one question that is mostly asked, especially on Twitter, which is, ‘When is International Men’s Day?’ This question may also start sometime with, ‘Is there an International Men’s Day?’

Yes there is and it is November 19.
Richard Herring, a British comedian, is known for taking it upon himself to answer these questions. He would start politely, grow ever more exasperated and end in a torrent of fury, journalists noted.

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