Meet winner of our #RedDecember giveaway

Meet Joel Bruno-Imokhai, the lucky winner of our Red December giveaway.

Joel is a young boy in his early 20s who is aspiring to become a structural engineer. He said he is from Edo, a state in the middle-belt region of Nigeria.

He loves watching movies and football, and Arsenal FC is his favorite team.

Joel also said he is not a photo person. He mentioned that he is an introvert too.

He was excited that he won the giveaway. He was really happy to get the ₦1000 airtime that was part of the giveaway.

This is the first time we are running the Red December giveaway. The idea behind the giveaway is that giveaways should not end in November with the Black Friday giveaway.

December is a period of sharing and loving, so we at The Newsghost decided to give something special to one lucky person and we hope to keep this up as a tradition.

Congratulations Joel for being our lucky winner!

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