MTN executive Amina Oyagbola was not sacked, MTN says

MTN executive Amina Oyagbola was not sacked, MTN says


Nigeria’s Telecommunication giant MTN has stepped out to deny report that it sacked one of its top executives.

The South African firm said its former Head of Human Resources and Corporate Services resigned last week, according to report.

The report that made the accusation claimed to have relied on an inside source in the telecom company and some powerful people in Abuja. According to the report, Oyagbola was sacked for her role in an alleged ₦500 million bribery of President Muhammadu Buhari’s Chief of Staff Mr. Abba Kyari to cut down the fine on the company.

MTN was fined ₦2.04 trillion ($5.2 billion) by the Nigerian Communications Commission (NCC) for contravening regulatory issues regarding registration of Subscribers Identification Module (SIM) cards.

After several interventions which included the visit of South Africa’s President Jacob Zuma, the fine was later cut down ₦780 billion and later ₦330 billion.

In a statement titled ‘RE: Fictitious story on MTN and Amina Oyagbola’, the company said:

‘To be clear, we state without equivocation that the story is untrue, malicious, defamatory, with the goal of damaging our hard-earned reputation, as well as that of our highly respected executive, Amina Oyagbola, who has served our company for 12 meritorious years.

‘We categorically deny the accusation that MTN (or its employees) offered a bribe to a government official over the NCC fine.

‘Secondly, there is absolutely no truth to the accusation that Oyagbola, who is our Human Resources and Corporate Services Executive, was fired.

‘She made the voluntary decision to resign after serving MTN for 12 years as the longest serving Executive. During this period, she also served as a Director on the boards of the MTN Nigeria Foundation, MTN Benin and Visafone.

‘In conclusion, we would like to reassure our customers and stakeholders in the public and private sector that MTN continues to subscribe to the highest ethical standards in all its activities.’

The telecom company insisted that Oyagbola has made the decision to take a well-deserved break after almost 30 years of providing her leadership skills and expertise to various multinational organisations in corporate Nigeria.

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