National Open University of Nigeria stops law programme


In Abuja on Tuesday, the National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) formally announced that it was putting a temporary stop to admissions into its law programme, according to report.

The Vice Chancellor Prof. Abdallah Adamu explained that the decision followed the exclusion of graduates of its law programme from attending the Nigerian Law School by the Council for Legal Education (CLE).

He also said the decision was based on advice by the National Universities Commission (NUC) that students should stop taking the course pending the resolution of the restriction created by the refusal of the law school to allow NOUN graduates attend its programme.

Adamu made the decision while leading a delegation of the governing council of NOUN on a congratulatory visit to the newly appointed Executive Secretary of NUC Prof. Abubakar Abdulrasheed.

CLE claims that it took its decision on the grounds that the mode of study of NOUN was either by correspondence or part-time.

Adamu said that CLE’s interpretation of the Act establishing NOUN contradicted existing global understanding of the mode of instruction of the open university.

He said that NOUN remained an open distance learning institution which, according to him, provides accessible, affordable and equitable education to millions of individuals who work and learn at the same time due to their circumstances.

‘We are praying to the Executive Secretary to draw the attention of the CLE to the fact that NOUN, as an ODL institution, does not equate to part-time or correspondence institution.

‘In order to make things easier for everyone, we have accepted the NUC recommendation to halt admission into the programme until we streamline our activities with the CLE for NUC to convince the CLE that we are an ODL institution,’ the VC explained.

He also called on the National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) to allow NOUN graduates to take part in the mandatory one-year service.

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