Newly developed coronavirus vaccine will not be tested in country of origin

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Johnson & Johnson, an American multinational that develops medical devices, pharmaceuticals and consumer goods, is working with a group of over 100 people in the Netherlands to develop a vaccine against the dreaded coronavirus (COVID19), an international report says.

But the rules for clinical testing on humans are stricter in the Netherlands than in other countries, so the vaccine will likely not be tested in the country of origin.

Janssen, the pharmaceutical subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson told journalists that, ‘We choose the fastest and best way.’

The company believes that following dutch procedures to test the vaccine will simply take too long for how urgently the vaccine is needed.

In an exclusive interview with journalists, Alex Gorsky, the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Johnson & Johnson, hints that the development of the vaccine might take till the end of the year, saying, ‘I think we’ll have important data by the end of the year.’

Test kit passing off as vaccine on social media

No vaccine has been created so far to combat the coronavirus. But a testing kit developed by South Korea is said to have passed off as a vaccine on social media, according to another report.

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