#NoPantDay: Comic tweets by Nigerians now trending on Twitter

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Today, Twitter users in Nigeria have been tweeting profusely with the hashtag #NoPantDay but no such holiday is being celebrated anywhere else in the world on this day.

The only known holiday relating to this sort of thing is the ‘No Pants Day‘ which is usually celebrated on the Friday of May in countries like Sweden, US, France, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom.

As at the time of preparing this report, the tweet count for the hashtag was 7,041.

Most of the tweets appear to be a comic stunt inspired by the No Bra Day which was celebrated to raise awareness on breast cancer around the world yesterday, October 13, 2019. And they started appearing on Twitter since yesterday.

The original No Pants Day is an unofficial holiday which requires participants to spend their day without wearing trousers or skirts in public while acting like it is a normal thing to do.

Here are screenshots of some of the tweets:

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