Northern states lift ban to facilitate worship

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA — With the month of fasting coming to an end and a collective murmur by both Christian and Muslim citizens against containment measures, an especial lift on lockdown orders is being seen around the country.

Following the president’s extension of the restrictions in Kano, the state having recorded the highest daily tally of confirmed cases just earlier this month, it seemed probable that post-Ramadan ceremonies might be cancelled altogether.

However, the governor, in a statement whereby he outlined the importance of these once a year activities and gave provisions for leniency to enable their observation. Although, he did conceed that Sallah festivities should be foregone.

Other states which have taken such steps include Katsina and Borno, with the latter going so far as calling off their lockdown altogether on religious programs, but seeming to hold a contrary view on the Eid al-Fitr gatherings.

Christians have also been given the go-ahead to go about their Sunday activities within this stipulated period.

It can only be hoped that in all this, the measures for social distancing and sanitisation are observed by worshippers. We must all do our parts to make sure this levity does not end in a spike in infections, or worse still, the novel coronavirus related death count.

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