On the rise: American rappers anticipated to shine in 2017

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – A radical change is going on in the music industry globally. The industry has become decentralised. Technology is reshaping and shifting the norms.

The barriers to entering the industry is now lower than ever before, plus the ease of recording and getting heard is ridiculously higher.

The next big rap star can come from anywhere, anytime. A music blogger explained that, ‘Without a record deal, a nebulous ‘co-sign’, or a publicist, a teenager in Miami can have a hundred-thousand loyal fans, eager to buy merch and support a ‘movement’, whatever that may entail.’

These new, fast-rising American rappers are proof of the change going on and they are likely to be the next big American rap stars:

Young M.A

In 2016, Young M.A’s hit single ‘Ooouuu‘ stunned rap fans and changed the vibe. The young Brooklyn rapper has preferred to stay independent despite record label’s interest in signing her up.

M.A turned down an opportunity to star in the famous TV show Empire playing Freda Gatz, but she chose her rap career. She must be far from regretting her decision, following the success her rap music has recorded in a short time.

Ooouuu‘ hit no. 19 on the Billboard charts and has been remixed by French Montana, Remy Ma, Tink and other music acts.

6lack (pronounced black)

6lack’s vocal is a mix of Drake and Frank Ocean. The Atlanta rapper’s debut album released at the end of 2016. His breakout single is an eerie jam titled ‘Prblms‘.


It is rare to find an influential rapper in Portland. But that is about to change with Aminé’s growing influence. His hit song ‘Caroline‘ found its way up to no. 12 on Billboard’s Hot 100 and a record contract with Repulic Records.

Aminé was raised in Portland, but he is the son of Ethiopian immigrants. He even raps in Amharic in some his songs.


Russ is a New Jersey-bred, Atlanta-residing artist who performs, writes, produces, mixes and masters every of his song. His versatility has earned him a strong following. On Soundcloud his songs regularly reach a million plays. Fan comments are full of admiration for his top knot.


Nav is a Toronto singer, rapper and producer that seems to have an unspoken affiliation with The Weeknd’s XO record label. Currently having a total of nine songs, his songs get millions of listens on Soundcloud.

Koran Streets

Koran has been in the rap game for a few years already, but had no big break until his debut album ‘You.Know.I.Got.It (The Album)‘dropped last year and got picked by Rolling Stone for their list of the year’s best rap records.

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