Organised religion: The mobilisation of faith

For many years, humans have lived with faith in God, a supernatural supreme being that is responsible for creation and in control of the whole universe.

This faith has been structured into religion in different places, resulting in organised religion. With a set of doctrines and rituals, a people of common faith and interpretation of God are gathered together under the label of religion.

Although, it is a good thing to have a structure and be more organised. But the advantages of organised religion seems buried by the disadvantages.

Can organised religion save humanity?

Faith and religion are two separate things as we know.

If you are a Christian or Muslim or Deist or an Olorisa (Yoruba Ifa worshipper), that is your faith. Faith is a trust or belief in something.

Organised religion was not here before. It is a structured system of faith and worship that appeared at a later part of human history.

It might have appeared out of a human effort to use faith to manipulate large groups of people easily.

Several events in the past and present have shown that by manipulating faith people can easily be made to do irrational and inhumane things.

Many of the world’s religion have been twisted and made into weapons of hate, politics and slavery.

People have used religion as an excuse to oppress women and children, homosexuals and slaves, even races.

Organised religion has been the reason for many failed marriages, pregnancy abortions, and disbelief in climate change.

All sorts of things are going on, all in the name of religion. People vote based on religion, even against their own interest. We have seen this happen a lot of times in Nigeria, for example, where election candidates are often nominated by political parties based on factors like ethnicity and religion.

God’s organisation is the ultimate

Without organised religion, humans may be better off than they are today. Faith in God alone does not subject people to manipulation by mass doctrines and rituals. Only organised religion does that.

Organised religion seems like a human effort to alter God’s natural organisation of spirituality, in which all men are connected by spiritual forces to each other and the rest of the universe.

And it appears that nothing can effectively replace the natural order that God has put in place as regards spirituality, without causing chaos.

If organised religion did not exist, there will be less divisions and discriminations along lines that naturally do not divide and constrain humans, like lifestyle, marriage rites, clothing, interpersonal relationships, and business. People could have been able to live their lives mainly based on natural intuition and limitations, not ones made, induced or imposed by man.

The earlier people realise how organised religion is harming humanity, the sooner humanity can be saved.

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