Oyo: Governor Makinde seeks alternative strategy to stop the coronavirus

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – A recent report says that Governor Seyi Makinde of Oyo, a southwestern Nigerian state,is not in principle for a total lockdown as effected in several parts of the country to stop the spread of the coronavirus (COVID19).

The governor who recently tested positive for the virus said Oyo will consider a lockdown only on facts and with the wider public interest in mind.

In an interview with local journalists, he said:

‘If you ask people not to come out, you lock down the market places, there are people who what they sell today – the profit from today’s activities is what they will eat tomorrow.

‘There are plenty people like that within our environment. So, are there alternatives available to us? Can we do selective lockdowns? I think, everything is on the table but it has to follow a logical pattern & it will need the input of experts. We are not just going to lockdown because everyone is locking down.

‘I have been watching CNN and the most successful place right now in containing this is the Czech Republic. And one of the things they brought out is that they made a law that if you must leave your house, you must wear a mask. It may be that route for us to go.

‘I have asked them to start evaluating that. If we must make that law and say everybody that must go out must wear a mask, then, how about those who cannot afford it. Can we make masks locally? Can we get our artisans and our tailors to commit to that with the govt supporting?’

The Nigeria Center for Disease Control (NCDC) has confirmed thirty-five (35) new cases of coronavirus infection in the country, leaving the total count till date at one hundred and seventy-four (174).

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