Paul of P-Square opens up on why Squareville mansion was put for sale

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – In a chat with journalists, Paul Okoye of the former Nigerian RnB group, P-Square, has disclosed the reason why their Squareville mansion located in Omole Estate was put up for sale back in September 2017.

Paul said that the mansion belongs to him and Jude and explained that, since they moved to Ikoyi and now use the mansion as a studio and lodge for signed artists, commuting through the third mainland everyday was stressful so they decided to put up the house for sale, report says.

He also said that there is an ongoing plan to buy another house somewhere on the island, preferably Lekki, which is very close to where they stay so that they will not have to check the traffic situation before visiting the house.

He told journalists that:

‘It is a normal thing. I and Jude own squareville, so we decided to sell it. We had already fixed it up as our office and studio and one side for our signed artist.

When we moved into Ikoyi, going down to Omole became too stressful. Before now, we were ok with the house on the mainland because we had no kids nor family then.

Now we have our families and going through the third mainland everyday was stressful.

So, we just decided to sell it while we are making plans to buy somewhere on the Island, preferably Lekki which is close to us, not the one that the house is on the mainland and when we have to go there, we would be checking the traffic situation.’

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