Peace Corps of Nigeria: Senate postpones passage of bill


Today, Nigeria’s Senate declared that the passage of the Peace Corps of Nigeria (PCN) bill before it will be dropped for now. This new development, according to report, is with respect to the arrest of Dickson Akoh, the commander of the fledgling corps, and several members of the organisation in March, 2017.

A few senators who contributed to the debate on the bill have called for caution given the issues surrounding the organisation.

Dickson Akoh, the commander of the corps, was arrested and arraigned on a 90-count charge having to do with fraud, after police claimed that insurgents had infiltrated the peace corps.

Deputy Senate President Ike Ekweremadu said it would not speak well if the Senate passed the bill at a time the federal government was having issues to settle with the leadership of the peace corps.

He said, ‘A lot of people have been deceived. The Senate should not be a stamp for fraud.’

According to Bayero Nafada, the chairman of the Conference Committee reporting on the Peace Corps bill, the issue is not with the federal government but the police. Nafada explained that until the Senate pass bill, the corps will not have legal backing.

In his comments, Senate President Bukola Saraki said, ‘We are not stepping it down because of the court. We are going to consider the relationship with the other chamber and some of the issues raised here and the chairman judiciary will look into some of these issues and come back to us and hopefully some of the issues will be addressed.

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