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  1. Hmmn! Good tots

  2. It’s time to end it.
    We need to start a movement. perhaps a petition to get them in trouble for doing it ever again to anyone.

    Who knows how this would work?

  3. Guys this won’t stop.Airtel are thieves.Day light robbery.Please stop wasting your hard earned money,just switch to another network.I have done that already and I’m never looking back.This is what I’ve told and will keep telling everyone I come across.

  4. Airtel is really becoming a big corporate thief. I borrowed N50 for some urgent call, and later loaded N500 naira credit. The N50 load was duly deducted. However, 8 hours later, without making any call with the line, the balance was reduced to N225. This is daylight robbery.

  5. Airtel is a fraud.
    Having same problem.

  6. The way forward is don’t subscribe ur airtel line again. My own is soccer15 service, I only recharge my mtn and glo line.

  7. Especially SOCCER7

  8. I’ve been defrauded by this unscrupulous service. I was Debited in my three airtel lines N40 per airtel line.
    This deduction occurs every three days since July.
    I’m infuriated and don’t know how to checkmate this EVIL.

  9. As I type this comment, I have 3 of such fraudulent services waiting for me to recharge so that my airtime will be deducted…SOCCER7, PERSONALIZED BIBLE WEEKLY, and BUSINESSINSIDER_WEEKLY. They are all saying ***service could not be started on your Airtel mobile due to insufficient balance. Already called their customer care, and asked that ALL forms of subscription on my line to be deactivated (including data subscriptions). The agent I spoke with said my request has been done, and about the next day after that conversation with the agent, the ***service could not be started messages all came back. Now, I’m wondering if the agent even did anything at all as I requested, or that even if he did, there’s a bot somewhere that reactivates these scam services. I’m even afraid to recharge my line, because obviously I won’t get my money back if it is deducted. What’s the way forward please?

  10. The Nigeria government should learn to respect and honour agreements and pacts entered into willingly.
    Intels is a Nigerian firm in Nigeria with Nigerians in her pay roll, doing very well in CSRs and should be treated with respect..
    I believe the NPA boss Hadiza Usman a former aide to Gov. El-Rufai is on a vendetta mission…We should governed by laws and not the will of individuals.

  11. Allau we need ur help by signing our bill. God NPC is youth’s hope help us Allau

  12. This is so true.

  13. Nice article. We sure need such laws

  14. Wow… Nice tips. Nigerians should read this and be enlightened.

  15. I think it’s high time they are taught a lesson they will never forget in their life.

    Pls release the video let the world see.

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