Roundup: Online learning resources for students and teachers of all levels

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – The novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak all over the world has brought a lot of changes to our day-to-day lives. Everything from how we move about the city, to how we shop for things and learn has been affected by the pandemic.

People are now shifting to online learning en masse because it is no longer possible to attend physical classes. Teachers now have no choice but to use digital platforms and communication technology to reach their students. And because these contingent way of learning and teaching is new and unfamiliar to many, catching up and navigating the terrains without any help is going to be quite tough for them.

So, I have scoured through the internet to find some online learning resources to make things a bit easier for such people.

Whether you are new to online learning or not, this list of online learning resources will help you catch up and get ahead with ease:


1. AWE Learning

AWE Learning is a pre-loaded digital learning solution for pre-secondary-level learners between ages 2-12. It offers free printables for parents and students to use at home.

2. Tinkergarten

Tinkergarten is packed with educational activities designed for learning at various ages and requiring only basic household items. It offers free do-it-yourself (DIY) activity plans, advice and a virtual community to help the entire family get outside and learn together during this challenging time.

3. Mystery Science

Mystery Science offers mini-lessons for pre-secondary-level science subjects via digital video format. It is available for free any time.


1. Carnegie Learning

Carnegie Learning offers math lessons, skills practice resources and at-home learning videos for secondary-level students. It is available free.

2. ChemMatters Online

This is a great destination for articles on chemistry topics that students will find engaging and relatable. Students can download articles on all sorts of chemistry-related topics here. It is always free.

3. Everydae SAT Prep

For secondary-level students planning to have their post-secondary-level studies abroad, the Everydae online SAT math prep program will be very helpful. Its 10-minute micro lessons will match your busy schedules. It was built upon 17+ years of industry experience. It is 100% free while schools remain closed, but normally costs $19 per month.

4. Glose Education

Glose Education is a social reading platform where students can read and learn together with their teachers. It boasts a free collection of over 4,000 classic books.


1. Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides an incredibly wide range of free video lessons for students at every level.

2. MIT Open Courseware

Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) has a large number of courses available for free online through its Open Courseware platform. The courses available on this platform are identical to those originally taught at MIT classrooms. It is all available for free.

3. Harvard Online Learning

Harvard University also offers online learning in a variety of disciplines, including science, humanities, programming and data science. They have series of free and paid courses available across these disciplines.


1. LinkedIn Learning

LinkedIn Learning offers a suite of professional courses taught by industry professionals. It is not available for free, but you can start with a one-month free trial which you can cancel before your next billing cycle or subscribe from as low as $29.99.

2. Google Skillshop

Google Skillshop provides free online training on Google professional tools and solutions to anyone.


1. DeltaMath

Using DeltaMath, teachers can assign math practice content to students at secondary level. Students get immediate feedback as they complete math problems.

2. HippoCampus

HippoCampus helps secondary-level teachers find more than 7,000 videos in 13 subject areas to share with their students. It allows teachers set up playlists for their students too. It is completely free, but requires sign up.

3. Super Teacher Worksheets

Super Teacher Worksheets offers a bulk of printable teaching resources for kindergarten and primary-level teachers and parents working with pre-kindergarten through primary-level students. Resources cover topics like math, reading, writing, phonics, grammar, spelling, science and social studies. A free, unlimited access is available via a temporary shared account. Users can access the entire site for free for the next two months. Log in with username: temporaryaccess, password: stayhealthy.

4. Google Classroom

Google Classroom is a readily-available resource for setting up and managing digital classrooms. It is absolutely free.

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