Samsung releases bigger Gear S3 smartwatches

Samsung releases bigger Gear S3 smartwatches


Yesterday, August 31, 2016, consumer electronics giant Samsung released two new smartwatches, a report said.

The two new smartwatches are additions to Samsung’s line of Gear S3 smartwatches that are expected to outshine the biggest smartwatch competitor Apple. They come with a range of digital features with a 4-day battery life.

Gear S3 Frontier has a rugged outdoor look and Gear S3 Classic has a finer appearance. Both watches have large faces which are likely to make them more appealing to male users.

The Gear S3 Frontier carries its own cellular radio chip that makes it able to connect to high speed 4G mobile network. There will be no need to tether with the wearer’s smartphone to make calls or send and receive data. This is among the advantage of the Gear S3 over Apple smartwatches which require an iphone to stay nearby to provide it connection.

Samsung’s new smartwatches also have always-on colour display, dust and water resistant feature, built-in speaker and GPS technology. They also have mobile payment feature that works in countries where Samsung Pay is operated.

In the coming week, smartwatch market leader Apple is to launch its new Apple Watch 2 line-up, along with new phones and computers.

News is also going around that Apple is considering making smartwatches that will carry their own cellular radio. But Apple fears that this feature would drain current iphone batteries which last about 24 hours before needing to recharge.

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