Seeing to believe and the dangers of a nation of hopefuls

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – It is generally accepted that a positive outlook is the best way to approach life. But, when this lifestyle of hope prevents us from realistically facing issues, can it still be said to be a plus?

At the beginning of the novel virus pandemic late last year, there were many assertions from both religious and political figures that it was unlikely to reach Nigeria. Presumably working under this assurance, no real efforts were made to safeguard the nation in the event that it did. As a matter of fact, even when the opposite was revealed to be true, it took a month, at which time there were already tens of cases before leadership declared a closure of borders.

Fast forwarding to the present, Nigeria has a total of over 1,200 cases, increasing by the day. It is, however, laughable to observe that while health personnel battle existing cases and task forces seek to contain movement in a bid to control the spread, very few preventative methods are being enforced to catch coronavirus early in areas which were yet to report incidents.

The most recent example of inadequate prevention being Kano, from which report of new strings of deaths have come forth. With numbers so high and sudden that stories of mass burials abound, it appears odd that there is a maintenance that these deaths are “mysterious” in nature. It is especially concerning in a state where there are scores of confirmed cases and whose single laboratory was shutdown due to contamination stalling investigations.

Although the governor has come out to refute claims of COVID-19’s involvement in the deaths, claiming other health conditions played a part, it should at least be acknowledged that there is awareness that those suffering from preexisting conditions are said to be at greater risk.

Now, with index cases surfacing in previously uninfected states, one might go far as to label this the general attitude countrywide. From addresses by various known figures to interviews of the average citizen, there seems to be an overwhelming reliance on things simply working out for the better without vigorous toil. It may be necessary for us all to take a look at the larger picture and remember the warning that, ‘faith without works is dead.’

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