Self Hack: How to be happier at home (or at work)

The greatest discovery of any generation is that a human can alter his life by altering his attitude. ~ William James

Of this be sure: You do not find a happy life, you make it. ~ Thomas Monson

Happiness is a feeling of enjoyment and satisfaction that people like to experience. But not many people actually experience this feeling.

A study of more than 300,000 adults revealed that adults were generally unsatisfied with their life, had less free time and a lot more worries.

So it means a lot of adults are not really happy.

Situations at home or at work were some of the reasons given in this study.

Even though the results of this study has shown that adults are more unhappy, the reasons for this unhappiness may not be peculiar to adults alone.

However, psychologists have found that happiness is something we have control over. One of the principles supporting this fact is Aristotle’s two keys to happiness: enjoyment and a good life. A psychologist has restated this as: life circumstances and intentional behaviours.

This principle suggests that happiness is caused by these two main factors, and while we cannot control life circumstances, we can control our behaviours.

So, we can be happier by consciously choosing how we behave.

Here are some advice for you on how to be happier – at home or at work:

#1 Attitude control

People who think happy can become happy. This is one of my most powerful tricks for staying happy.

How we react to events, our attitude towards the things we are experiencing, can determine our level of happiness.

At some point of my life, I was often sad. Most of the things that made me sad were outside my control. Later on, I realised that I may remain sad for a long time if I kept letting those things outside my control make me unhappy. I found out that I could easily stay happy by focusing first on those things completely within my control.

In the book ‘The 9 Choices of Happy People’, Rick Foster and Greg Hicks explained that people who are happy started the process by making a conscious effort to change their attitudes and behaviours.

#2 Do not indulge in negative feelings

Expressing anger at every minor annoyance can amplify bad feeling. Allowing yourself to have negative feelings too often can also do the same.

Explaining this in his book ‘You Can Choose to Be Happy’, Tom Stevens says by altering your perspective and thoughts, you can permanently increase your happiness set-point and achieve true happiness.

Realise you are responsible for how you feel, take responsibility for it.

A good way to deal with this is to identify your negative emotions and replace them w

#3 Lifestyle management

Activities like sleep, nutrition and fitness have a link to happiness. Sleep, nutrition and fitness are related to health as well, so good health is essential to happiness.

Science has also found that any amount of physical activity increases level of happiness. Physical activity stimulates a certain chemical in the human brain called endorphins. This chemical impacts our mood and emotions, science explains.

It means changes in lifestyle routines like sleep, can result in overall happiness. You cannot ignore the effect of your daily routine on your happiness. LP

#4 Relationship building

Maintaining good relationships with people around you can also foster happiness. The people around us can offer a great source of love and support that in turn increases our feeling of fulfillment and happiness.

Biology has described humans as social creatures. Social relationships and behaviours are part of our genes.

Making time to connect with friends and family or colleagues at work is a good way to build good relationships with them. Take a walk, discuss about each other’s feelings and share how you think you can improve the things you are not happy about.

Happiness is not something you wait for.

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