#Skopatumana: Gibberish-phrase from an African music turns internet trend

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Sko pa tu mana, a phrase which many believe to be nothing but gibberish, has hit the internet hard and failed to stop.

The entire fuss behind this phrase started out around the quarter of the year when Ghanian music artiste Kawoula Biov released a music single titled Daavi Neba which also featured Patapaa, the maker of the hit song ‘One Corner’.

Shortly after the release of the song, listeners and lovers of Patapaa’s rap verse of the song took to the internet on their own to start an online challenge in which people had to record and post a video of themselves miming to Patapaa’s verse of the song to contend.

Even though no Ghanian and listener around the world has claimed to understand the meaning of the words rapped out by Patapaa, lots of people around the world seem to have liked and enjoyed his rap.

The song released in February and quickly turned an internet trend. Today, it still remains so. And it is unbelievably gathering up several meanings in the different quarters.

As we gathered, in some quarters, it means ‘one should express his or her own opinion on a particular topic or object.’

This is why the internet is seeing an increasing use of the phrase along with posts that include memes of photos. People are expected here to express their opinion on the topic or object in the meme or photo.

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