Street wisdom: 5 things you must do to survive Lagos life

Survival in Lagos is a subject of great interest both for people intending to start living or working in Lagos and those who already live and work in the city.

Lagos is about the busiest city in Nigeria. It is the major commercial hub of the country. People from within and outside Nigeria migrate to work and live there, so it is also a fast growing city with a diverse population.

Even though these may be of benefit to the city, they also leave so much challenges and difficulties for people in the city to deal with.

If you want to survive all these and get the best of life in Lagos, here are some things you must learn to do:

Mind your business:

Never interfere in an argument or a fight that does not concern you. Life in Lagos is very stressful and most people living in the city are emotionally tensed. It is best not to anger them in such state of mind.

Sometimes, fraudsters may also setup a fake argument and fight to lure a crowd that they can easily prey on. You can hardly tell which argument or fight is real or not.

Observe the flow of traffic:

Lagos is well known for heavy traffic. It might take you longer time to travel to and fro a destination within the city.

But one thing about traffic in Lagos is that it happens especially at specific times of the day. So, by observing the day-to-day flow of traffic, you can get to understand the best times to travel and get to your destination faster.

Avoid solitary areas at night:

Hoodlums hang around in some parts of Lagos. Even at the day, these hoodlums are people you might want to avoid. Most of them live in the environs and usually stay out on the street till late night, mostly at solitary areas.

Generally, at night, solitary areas are a good scene for a crime and anyone can take advantage of this. Phones, laptops and cars get snatched in such places whether day or night.

But there are usually alternative and nonsolitary routes (although, they may be longer) and it is safer to take them. If you are new in the city and do not know your way around well, consider finding someone who can guide you. This may be a friend or family, or perhaps a city guide, who must have known the city well by virtue of living there for long.

Socialise with caution:

Be cautious of how you make friends at social spots in the city, especially at night clubs and beer parlours.

All sorts of people make their way into most of such places – good, bad, employed, unemployed and so on. Among all these people, there are those who will try to get closer to you for the sake of milking some money or fortune off you. They may start off by asking for a free drink. But it will not end at that. They will come back again asking for more drinks or some cash.

Eat homemade food:

Cost of living is high in Lagos. Being a city, food is particularly more expensive here than in rural settlements. Hence, buying food daily may not be wise.

It will cost a lot more to buy food than to cook your own food. The money you spend on buying food in a day may be enough for you to cook a three-course meal for two or three days.

Moreso, after spending excess money buying food, you are still not likely to get quality and healthy food to buy. So the best deal is to get your food cooked at home.

Do you know Lagos well enough? You can add other things you think one must do to survive Lagos life in the comment box.

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