#TheConverse: Trap music and the new trap song Binu with Boystoner

On Friday, June 9, 2017, we discussed ‘trap music and the new trap song Binu’ with Boystoner (real name Moyo Falola), a young fast-rising Nigerian singer, on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse.

Boystoner released a new trap song titled Binu on the same day. According to the singer, the inspiration behind the energetic new trap song Binu (meaning ‘anger’ in Yoruba language) is real anger towards annoying people.

The singer had released a trap song titled My Side earlier in the year.

I asked, ‘Why do you seem to love trap music so much?’

He answered, ‘Although I’m very highly interested in other genres but it’s just one of the genres I have personally come to like.’

When I asked, ‘Do you see trap music doing well in Nigeria?’

He said, ‘Why not? It’s continuously growing around the world and Nigerian are always known to appreciate the trend and good music.’

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Boystoner: Supercharged in new trap single Binu

Fast-rising young Nigerian singer Boystoner, real name Moyo Falola, adds one more stunning trap single to his recording portfolio today, June 9.

In the new trap single Binu, featuring Trippy D, Boystoner is supercharged and traps on high energy.

He kicks it off with a metaphoric line woven around ‘mari j’. Then progresses on with the finesse and the characteristic vulgarity of a perfect trap song. Somewhere in between he says:

Ta lo sope won le ri mi mu?
Say, mo ti binu o o.

These are mostly Yoruba words and the whole statement translates in English to:

Who says they can catch me?
Say, I am vexed oh oh.

Trippy D takes over from Boystoner after the first verse and chorus to level up the energy of the song and infuse some hardcore trap rap. His use of the trap lingo ‘bando’ adds a lot of credibility to the trap.

Bando is an American-English slang for an abandoned house in the ghetto. It is also called a ‘traphouse’.

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This Friday on #TheConverse: Trap music and the new trap song Binu with Boystoner

This Friday, June 9, 2017, we are hosting young Nigerian singer Boystoner on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse.

Boystoner, real name Moyo Falola, is a new and fast-growing Nigerian-based singer, who seems to have found love with trap music. Ealier in the year he dropped the trap single My Side, and now mid-year he has a new trap song releasing.

In our 90-minute tweet-chat interview with Boystoner, we will be discussing ‘trap music and the new trap song Binu’, looking at issues surrounding the trending music genre and his new single featuring Trippy-D dropping this Friday.

Our founder/editor-in-chief Ahmed Hassan will moderate the discussion.

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