Meet winner of our #RedDecember giveaway

Meet Joel Bruno-Imokhai, the lucky winner of our Red December giveaway.

Joel is a young boy in his early 20s who is aspiring to become a structural engineer. He said he is from Edo, a state in the middle-belt region of Nigeria.

He loves watching movies and football, and Arsenal FC is his favorite team.

Joel also said he is not a photo person. He mentioned that he is an introvert too.

He was excited that he won the giveaway. He was really happy to get the ₦1000 airtime that was part of the giveaway.

This is the first time we are running the Red December giveaway. The idea behind the giveaway is that giveaways should not end in November with the Black Friday giveaway.

December is a period of sharing and loving, so we at The Newsghost decided to give something special to one lucky person and we hope to keep this up as a tradition.

Congratulations Joel for being our lucky winner!

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#TheConverse: Stories of the underrepresented with Khadija Ahmed

Last night on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse, we discussed ‘Stories of the underrepresented’ with our guest Khadija Ahmed, UK-based founder and editor of new online magazine AnotherLenz.

Khadija said she launched her online magazine two weeks ago, a magazine that ‘covers unpopular opinion, underrepresented stories and unique experiences’.

In our discussion, when I asked, ‘Have you covered any stories in the magazine on the underrepresented in any part of the world?’

She said, ‘Yes I have indeed, Yemen, Bangladesh and Canada but we have many more to come.’

Then I requested, ‘You must have some ideas and knowledge to share on the underrepresented then, e.g. in Canada. What can you tells us?’

Khadija answered:

‘I interviewed Jon Adaskin who photographed the families of indigenous women of Canada.

‘Between 1980 and 2012, 1,017 aboriginal women and girls were murdered and missing.

‘I chose to write this for AnotherLenz as I feel it hasn’t got enough media attention and deserves to be acknowledged.’

I went further with the interview, ‘So from all the stories you know, what are the root causes and key solutions to underrepresentation in the world?’

According to Khadija, ‘The reason for underrepresentation is the political, economic, ideological or cultural hegemony of the mainstream media.’ And, ‘The solution is more platforms and media corporations that believe in equality and voicing the voiceless.’

I noticed she narrowed the root cause of underrepresentation down to the media only. So I explained that according to some other views, the reasons are generally human-made imposition, laws and behaviours. And that lesser human-made impositions, laws and behaviours are the solutions to underrepresentation. To these, she also agreed.

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Our top stories this February: Recap

In February, we covered some disappointing and inspiring stories.

This is a recap of the top stories.

Moments before the D-Day

Earlier in late January, a social protest started brewing in Nigeria and Nigerian afropop singer 2face was to lead it. Click here to read full story.

The chickening-out

Less than 48 hours to the protest day, 2face announces he will not lead the protest as planned anymore for obvious reasons. Click here to read full story.

Troops march without the leader

After 2face withdraws from leading the protest, the protest will still go on, Nigerians insist they will march on. Click here to read full story.

Lies on the lips of the minister

Nigeria’s National Assembly reveals the lies told by Minister of Transport Rotimi Amaechi regarding approval of funds for transport projects in the country. Click here to read full story.

Stories of the underrepresented

We discussed stories of the underrepresented with UK-based editor of new online magazine AnotherLenz Khadija Ahmed on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse. Click here to read full story.

These are our top stories for February so far.

Everyone is invited to the revolution


This is the first time in a very very long time that we will put up anything on our blog. Initially, we planned to make it part of our operating culture to regularly post on our blog. But we regret that we could not keep this tradition going in the past few months.

It is very challenging for us to keep up with everything we planned out for our team, our contributors and our readers. But we have no intention of turning down the heat of our effort or giving up on our vision.

As part of our interest to make sure we deliver the best value we can to every of our stakeholders, we are launching an awareness campaign to reach out to more people about the opportunity to contribute to our news content and vision without becoming one of our staff.

The awareness campaign is titled Everyone Is Invited and we are using the hashtag #EveryoneIsInvited to promote this on some of the popular social networks you know.

You can find us on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook with our handle or username @TheNewsghost.

There is another good news that we are so excited to share with you. Earnings per post (EPP) for our contributors is now up by more than 200%, moving from ₦100 to ₦320 per post.

Apart from helping to make news content more inclusive and raising the quality of news, contributing to news content on The Newsghost is a great opportunity to make income, especially for unemployed people. It can also be an alternative income for the employed.

We invite everyone to contribute to our news content and support our vision to make news more transparent and inclusive.

You can invite your family and friends too.

Everyone is invited to the revolution!
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