The Baby Bank: A Nigerian startup mobilising support for babies

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Nigerian entrepreneur Aisha Tofa has launched a startup to mobilise support for babies, especially in difficult times.

The startup dubbed ‘The Baby Bank’ was launched to provide the most needed essentials for children in terms of baby food, diapers and basic medication (vitamins and anti-diarrhea) and also educate mothers on basic healthcare for children with respect to personal and baby equipment hygiene, understanding the health of the children, and basic first aid.

The Baby Bank will distribute the basic essentials through referrals, phone calls, hospitals and community visitations, while educating the mothers virtually via social media platforms.

This is the time of extreme needs, especially for mothers who cannot breastfeed for personal or health reasons and those that have to work to afford the basic necessities.

Donating to this cause will ease a lot for parents as baby food and health is concerned. Basic baby food, for example, is more expensive than basic adult food (NAN milk sells from ₦2,200 while 1 mudu of rice sells from ₦1,000).

In a correspondence with me, Aisha explained that, ‘I feel the need to start this because I had an experience while under lockdown. I could afford it but I couldn’t get it! Which made me have this thought about other mothers who are actually struggling to eat and also feed their babies. Babies cannot eat adult foods and you can’t just feed them breast milk because it’s 80% water. So I feel this is an important gap that needs to be looked at.’

She added that,’ After launching the initiative, I feel we can make this bigger, so the goal is to have a small pick up and drop off location in every hospital and community so that no baby would ever go hungry or helpless. I already have a team of 16 who are all willing to volunteer anytime to distribute this essentials to families.’

‘We are reaching out to partners who would play an important role, like diaper and cereal companies. Also we are open for partnerships and collaborations too,’ she concluded.

To donate to this cause, you can visit or call +2348038088515.

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