The ban on hawking in Lagos

The ban on hawking in Lagos


The government of Lagos State placed a ban on street hawking starting from the month of July. This news brought mixed feelings among Nigerians (as usual). The problem with progressive development is that it can bring harsh policies. These policies can only be endured before they become normal to and welcomed by the general population.

Nigerians want development, and whether we like it or not, that involves creating a sustainable, sane environment. We have all thought, one way or the other, about how much better the roads would be if they were free from people soliciting for their goods to be purchased. Some of those hawkers can be vicious, stubborn and out rightly ruthless in their hustle to empty their cartons and fill their pockets.

Now, while I seriously hope that the proposed ban is met by the hawkers with a determination to thrive through alternative forms of trading or means of livelihood, I also hope that they do not see this ban as a punishment from the administration or anywhere else.

I commend the Lagos State government for the ban on hawking. However, it is a work in process, so I care more about what the end result of this ban will be, because many policies see the light of day in Nigeria and get swept under the rug the next day. It would be great if the government enforces this ban with all seriousness and continuity so that the city of Lagos can be free to attain glory. Without continuous effort to see street hawking go away, the government risks losing all progress made.

For the good of the country, more states should also ban street hawking, especially in the cities.

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