The Faraday Okoro story rocking the movie industry

Not too many people have heard the name Faraday Okoro before, including me. But as of today, that name is rapidly gaining popularity and occupying the mind of more and more people in the movie industry, locally and globally.

Faraday Okoro is a young New York based Nigerian-American filmmaker who just won $1 million to produce his first feature movie.

Last year, Faraday who had graduated from New York University (NYU) Graduate Film School emerged as one of five finalists contending for the grand prize in the AT&T and Tribeca Untold Stories programme.

Eventually, after a game-show-like pitch, Faraday’s movie won the prize and he had only a few days to finish the movie ahead of its billed release at the Tribeca Film Festival this year.

The movie titled ‘Nigerian Prince’ was partially scripted around the life of Faraday. Eze, a first generation Nigerian-American teenager was sent to Nigeria against his wishes to attend school and learn about his local heritage. On arriving in Nigeria, Eze realises his cousin Pius was an email scammer. When he discovered his counsin’s shady activity, Eze concluded that he could buy a ticket back to the States after orchestraiting a coupe of scams on his own

The 31-year old filmaker, recounted his personal life story while speaking in private and public chats. He spoke of how he was sent by his parents to live in Nigeria with relatives for two years in his first years at high school, in early 2000s.

In October 2017, Faraday returned to Nigeria to finish shooting the movie that won him the $1 million prize. It was a challenging experience for the filmmaker.

Faraday noted that, ‘We shot during the end of the rainy season. There were some days where we’d go to set at 6a.m., and it’d rain at 6:30 and flood.’

In comparison, Faraday said, ‘It’s much different than winning the lottery, because I still had to make the movie for it to mean anything. And I could really feel that.’

Spike Lee and Sam Poler were executive producers on the movie project, Faraday revealed in an interview.

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