The national rat meme

THE NEWSGHOST, NIGERIA – Who would have thought that Nigeria would get a rat meme? But here we are with all sorts of rat meme being shared on social media by Nigerians.

The story behind these memes is as shameful as rats are reckoned themselves.

After spending 104 days on medical leave in London, Nigeria’s ailing President Buhari had returned to Nigeria on August 19 to the delight of majority of Nigerians. There was heavy jubilation.

While most of those ecstatic citizens were expecting the president to resume to office and get up to speed on the situation of the country, a presidential spokesperson had told journalists that President Buhari will work from home as rodents (rats) have damaged his official office.

The news was quick to spread and many Nigerians reacted with disappointment. Rat memes made a huge part of the reactions.

Firstly, many people have found it very difficult to comprehend the news, including me.

On one hand, it suggested that for about 100 days which the president was in London there was no provision in place for the cleaning of his office. On the other hand, it depicted an improper management of the environment of the presidency. All which does not reflect the seriousness and competence expected from a government that has emphatically capitalised on the promise of change and anti-corruption.

If Buhari’s administration have been unable to manage rats on the premises of the presidency, how do you trust it would be able to fulfill its promise of change and fight against corruption? With this degree of sloppiness, it is difficult to trust it.

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