#TheConverse: The Future of Startups with Aisha Tofa

This month on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse, we discussed ‘The Future of Startups’ with Aisha Tofa, the founder of Startup Kano, a tech incubator and co-working space based in Kano, Nigeria.

The interview co-anchored by me and Jemima Diamond-Di, the co-founder and managing editor of The Newsghost, was a 90-minute stretch of interesting Twitter conversation on startups.

During the interview, Aisha revealed that she has been in the startup ecosystem for 5 years and it has been an amazing experience for her; one that she is now thinking of writing a book about.

When asked what exactly it is that excites her about startups, Aisha said, ‘I find it amazing when young people are trying to create solutions to the community problems! It gives me hope for a better Nigeria and it makes me see how aware we are becoming as people. And that is why I am very passionate about building startups.’

And since she has been in the ecosystem, she notes that the most significant changes that startups have gone through fall within the domains of technology, creativity and innovation.

While the biggest problems startups might face in the future, according to her, include government policies and interventions/support, as well as national and international collaborations.

To gear up today for these problems in the future, she advises startups to understand and learn bootstrapping strategies, like going lean; equip their startups for investment and link up with investors, venture capitalists and even angel investors; then get mentorship from the right mentors.

She also advised that they should learn to collaborate with each other, embrace technology, explore the ecosystem, pivot when necessary, network/engage, learn and read a lot.

‘I think these will definitely help any startup in the future,’ she added.

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