#TheConverse: Trap music and the new trap song Binu with Boystoner

On Friday, June 9, 2017, we discussed ‘trap music and the new trap song Binu’ with Boystoner (real name Moyo Falola), a young fast-rising Nigerian singer, on our tweet-chat interview #TheConverse.

Boystoner released a new trap song titled Binu on the same day. According to the singer, the inspiration behind the energetic new trap song Binu (meaning ‘anger’ in Yoruba language) is real anger towards annoying people.

The singer had released a trap song titled My Side earlier in the year.

I asked, ‘Why do you seem to love trap music so much?’

He answered, ‘Although I’m very highly interested in other genres but it’s just one of the genres I have personally come to like.’

When I asked, ‘Do you see trap music doing well in Nigeria?’

He said, ‘Why not? It’s continuously growing around the world and Nigerian are always known to appreciate the trend and good music.’

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