Too big to tie his shoelace

Actions speak volumes, and this photograph circulating in the media says a lot in what appears to be a simple still shot.

Lets break it down.

In the photo, a senior police officer is having his shoelace tied by a surbodinate officer. In my opinion, this is very sad and at the same time annoying.

It is sad because this is a reflection of our cultural belief that the duty of the ‘younger (or junior)’ is to serve the ‘elder (or senior)’. This principle in itself has its pros and cons.

Looking on the bright side, it instills the character of service and selflessness in younger individuals. But on the flipside of the coin, it promotes a lackadaisical and nonchalant behaviour among the older populace.

Too big to tie his shoe lace. This assessment can also be likened to the case of the Nigerian state.

We live in a country where nobody wants to get dirty. We all know the needful, but nobody wants to do the dirty job to get it done. In turn, we pass it on to the lesser man who has this same mentality and, in effect, nothing ever gets done.

This policeman should be a model to the society, yet he clearly exhibits traits of one who has no sense of self discipline, awareness or respect, neither does he respect the police force. He clutches to his mobile phone while someone else ties his shoelace while on official duty. I am quite convinced the mobile phone is also NOT among his official duty tools.

I could go on about this, but I believe my message has been passed. Let us all generally become more aware of self and become more disciplined in our various works of life, so that we can collectively experience more fulfillment and happiness in our world.

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